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Golden Garage Door Service has invested years in shaping itself as the leader in residential and commercial garage door services in the surrounding districts of Arlington, VA. We have put our skilled technicians and experts at the forefront of providing you with replacement, fixing, and installation of all your unique garage doors. Our reasonable rates are just one of the reasons you insist on us.

As a gateway to your house or business, your garage door should have both visual appeal and offers the safety of a stable door. We pay a lot of attention in making sure not a bolt or screw is out of place when we install your door for you. We also are very keen on making sure the door installed is safe for you and your valuables. Our clients can put their trust in us for all their garage door needs.

Our Professional Staff

Golden Garage Door Service Arlington, VA 703-794-6202Our staff of experts is one of the most highly trained staff around. At Golden Garage Door Service, we are at our proudest when our clients are satisfied with the quality of our work. Our clients help us carry on our legacy of excellence by always coming to us. We have set ourselves apart from the competition by hiring only the best trained, most qualified garage door servicemen. Golden Garage Door Service has employee loyalty that is unsurpassed in the market. Once a serviceman at Golden Garage Door Service, each member of our crew gets a confidence boost to perform any garage door maintenance issue with the highest proficiency.

It is human nature to attempt to fix garage door problems on the own. In as much as it is a commendable effort, it is unadvisable to do so, as good results are not always guaranteed and may lead to an escalation of the situation or even worse, bodily harm. The operation of the garage door may seem simple from the outside but in reality, it is far more complicated. Garage doors are a complexity of inter-working parts that need to be checked regularly and serviced too. Our garage door experts can get to your location fast and begin work immediately. We strive to fix your issues in the briefest time possible, so we do not disrupt the workings on your day.

Ready for Anything

Because garage doors are what we know best, we are never ill-prepared. We offer all sorts of extra garage door spares and garage door mechanisms. We have a healthy partnership with big brand manufacturers who supply us with the best quality parts. Apart from maintenance and new installations, we stock an impressive supply of stock brackets, door struts, remotes, receivers, and monitors. If you need it to keep your garage door working at full efficiency, we have it, and we can use it to do just that.

We know that just like any other garage door, it is built to experience entry problems at some point, however inconveniencing it might be. That forms the basis of Golden Garage Door Service’s keep-your-eyes-open approach. There is always a lock that is stuck or completely shattered that needs to be replaced so the owners can regain access to the garage. We also carry out emergency key making for when you have been locked out. Trying to fix it yourself carries the ever-present risk of self-harm or property damage when done. Our technicians know the surrounding and unlike our competition in Arlington, VA, we can be counted to reach you and to use all our tools in helping you out, region and scale of premise notwithstanding.

We Provide Garage Door Openers in the following zip codes.

22201, 22202, 22203, 22204, 22205, 22206, 22207, 22209, 22213, 22226